Non-hormonal contraception developed by women for women. Coming soon on Kickstarter!

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What is Beacap

Beacap is a non-hormonal barrier contraceptive for women, developed with women´s needs and tastes in mind. 

Beacap achieves the same efficacy as other cervical caps with brims: 96% when used on its own and up to 98% in combination with another contraceptive method like spermicide or withdrawal.

How to use Beacap

The Beacap comes in three sizes, based on a woman ́s obstetrical history. All sizes are available in two versions: a softer silicone for experienced users or a firmer silicone for beginners.

Non-hormonal contraception
Soft medical silicon
A barrier to protect the cervix from harsh spermicidal chemicals


Easy removal thanks to the removal eyelets
Can be inserted for several hours
Learning and Advanced versions – both fully functional!
Respects your vaginal flora
Lasts 1-2 years, depending on the frequency of use. After that we recommend purchasing a new one
Can be used with retroverted uterus
Made from medical silicone of the highest quality in fair conditions in the Czech Republic (Central Europe)
Free online counselling available from Stepanka Pestova MD, an experienced counselor, user and co-inventor of Beacap

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How it works?

You already may have heard of the cervix. The seemingly unimportant little ball deep inside your vagina actually has a special purpose: it separates the inner and outer genital environments. 

To conceive a child, sperm has to pass through this inner gate. Beacap fully covers your cervix, keeping sperm out.

Your cervix, uterus and ovaries keep functioning naturally, so the cap’s contraceptive effect is reversible.

Your fertility immediately comes back after you stop using the Beacap.

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Idea of Beacap

Since 2010, we have run counselling focused on caps and diaphragms. We noticed that many women could not get a good grip of a removal strap of the original cervical cap, resulting in difficulty removing the device. We also received a considerable number of complaints, the culprit was the massive strap that was in the way. We didn´t take this lightly, and thus Beacap was born.

Most women find it easier to remove and also more user-friendly. Advanced Beacap has a softness of a skin and feels like there is barely anything used. A little firmer Beacap is perfect for beginners, since it keeps its shape inside vagina helping newbies to place it correctly.

Ing. Katerina Kadlecova (CZ), Birgit Linderoth (SWE), MD Stepanka Pestova (CZ)

Development of cervical caps: Prentif with no brims (left), FemCap with brims and removal strap (middle), Beacap with brims and removal eyelets (right).

Why Kickstarter?

Beacap needs FDA clearance to be considered contraception from a legal standpoint. Your support will help us achieve this clearance. Your help transforms dreams into reality ♥ Thank you! 

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